Thursday, June 24, 2010

Field Day: Pep Talk

Yes, PB was NOT happy on field day. Take her shoes off and then scramble to get them back on? Jump in a sack that was bigger than her and hop to a finish line? At one point, I went and had a little pep talk with her. It went something like this, "Straighten UP! If you don't start cooperating a little better, I am taking you home and you can just take a NAP!!!" Big mistake. Then she kept coming to me and saying, "Mama, I think I just want to go home and take a nap."
She's so opposite of me! I can still remember my blue and red K-Mart shoes that took me to 1st place for the girls' race in 1st grade.
So, when they put her in the sack and I saw her face, I knew. There. is. no. way. I told BB to stay put, and ran and grabbed the sack. I said, "This is going to be fun! Let's go!" and then I hopped her like a floating cloud, touching down, all the way to the end and back. Her teachers and teammates were dying laughing. The day is all about teamwork and encouragement, so little helps for little 4-year-olds don't bother anyone. In the end, she came around and had a little bit of fun.
I told CC that day about how awful she had been! Not competitive. Scared to try. We've got to toughen her up, I said! And you know what he said? "Well, she's just a baby. She's the youngest kid out there.." And that response from her father, my friends, is 1/2 the reason she is still a Perma-Baby!!!! Oh well, maybe by the time she is in 3rd grade, like this Campbell Clansgirl, she'll snap out of it.
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Tara G. said...

My boys is the same way and slowly, he is coming into his own!

Anonymous said...

Sara, you'll kill me for saying this, I know but . . . I agree with Dizzle in that she is the baby, youngest one there and so forth.

There is one notable trait that these youngest children have -- Everybody loves them and dotes on them. I have to deal with that in Matt making sure he does not turn into something obnoxious. So, I do understand where you are coming from with Eva. I also know how hard it is to use the same 'training techniques' that worked beautifully on the older ones, on that youngest-well-loved one.

Let me know if you hit the secret formula for that!! :)

See what you get when you have so many adopted grandparents and aunts and uncles? We all kibitz. :) (Kibitz is a polite slang term for butt-in.)


P. S. Did I ever tell you the story of how I just knew no child of mine could sing? I have an awful voice and David's is very average. No one in our family sings like Karoline does. When Karoline came to me, just a tad older than Eva, wanting to be a famous singer, I quickly steered (or tried to steer) her away from that. After all, I was artistic, so all my kids should be, right? David was athletic, so they should be able to play sports, right?

I'll skip the story of how God got through to me, what He had already put in Karoline's heart and what she instinctively knew -- That He gave her a voice to sing. Not just a little average voice, but a voice that her teacher describes as, "A God-given instrument." She has such a range. Not only that, her voice is beautiful in sound. She is a very rich soprano, not light and airy . . . and all of Karoline's other talents, gifts and personality traits, line up perfectly with this.

BUT at a young age, her mother wanted her to be like her. :)

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