Friday, June 11, 2010

Spring Beauties

Having 4 girls is nice, especially when I get to doll them up!

They work so hard at piano all year, I want to reward them with really making their recital a special event...this year, that meant from 3:30-5:30 we were basically a frenzy of hair rollers, dress pins, and sandals. But we made it to the event, beautiful and ready to perform.

I don't know if this happens to anyone out there, but time and time again I will think of something that we need...many times it's not even a need, but a want...and within a week or so, the need is met supernaturally. This year I happened to note that Firstborn really didn't have a fancy dress for the recital. I had not thought to look for something last year when we were in the US. Shopping for clothes here can be expensive and difficult. She would have been content to wear a normal church dress, but I felt badly because I knew her sisters' dresses would be dressier.

Then I went to our school rummage sale...and this beautiful dress, worn to the winter ball by one of our high school girls when she was in junior high, was up for sale. (I remember thinking years ago when I saw the young lady how pretty her dress was.) And I stopped and thought, "Only God knew I needed a dress for her. And it's blue, her favorite." It fit almost perfectly, I just needed to pin the shoulder. She looked lovely. And grown up.

The roses in our apartment's front lawn have bloomed. We took advantage for a photo shoot on our way to the school.

I knew if I turned just the right way, blocking out potholes, construction trucks, and wild dogs...I could make you think we live in a haven of beauty! Actually, beauty is everywhere, if we just look.

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Missy said...

Oh Sara! They're beautiful!! Thanks for all the great pictures in all these posts.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this post . . . For several reasons. First, I love dressing up girls. I, who never played with dolls, or played moma, or any of those things, treated my little baby girls like dolls changing their outfits several times a day just to sit back and admire how pretty they were. That continued until they were too old for me to dress.

Second, I love the beautiful pictures of your girls and all the hours you spent were worth it! I love the story about Mary's dress from Heaven . . . Knowing exactly what you mean and how good God is to us, isn't He? I won't bore you with my similar stories, but know I relate!

And last, but not least, I love your short commentary about beauty being all around us if we only look. How true, how true!! There is always good, if we will only look for it!

Love you all,

P. S. Looking forward to the videos.

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