Sunday, June 13, 2010

Zoo Day

Last Friday, I got to go to the zoo with Perma-Baby's class. I teach Spanish during that time, but Campbell Clansman agreed to cover my class. (Don't worry...I gave them a test and advised them to limit their Spanish with CC to words like tortilla and taco. )

We had a great day together...we walked and walked, then rested.
My main job was to watch these 3 girls, especially the one on the left. She's no trouble at all. But Turks are not used to seeing Africans. PB's teacher asked me to keep her close by, lest she be photographed, pinched, and kissed all day. I thoroughly enjoyed my job. Everytime she became the center of attention, I tucked her under my arm and pretended she was my baby. No, I didn't mind that at all. (Incidentally, the one on the right has learned if she lets them pinch her cheeks, she sometimes gets candy out of the deal.)

PB was all dressed for the day..shorts and a t-shirt, comfy shoes, sunscreen, and a hat...until she leaned back on the toilet just before we left for school and in the hat went! Miss Middler came to the rescue with one of her hats.
After a long, hot day, we all enjoyed ice cream.
Oh, yea, I took this big boy too. He was still growling like a lion as we drove back to school.
Here's PB's class. Recently she made a book of all the flags from the countries represented in her class. Are you ready for this? USA, Ecuador (Ambassador's daughter), Turkey, Kosovo (another Ambassador's daughter), the Philippines, Malaysia (and man, can her mama cook!), South Africa, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, and Oman. What a privilege to have them all at our school!
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Anonymous said...

That was all too cute . . . I was trying to picture Ben roaring like a lion and Eva's hat being drowned in the privy. . .

Can't imagine how you are keeping a sane thought knowing you will be coming home in about a week.

I can't keep a thought just knowing we are taking Karoline to Texas for orientation and registration the same weekend.

One of the two girls who stood with me at my wedding, her son got a football scholarship to Samford this year. I am beginning to be up to my ears in college kids and feeling so old in the process. This girl was all of 10 years old maybe, when she was in my wedding - which wasn't that long ago and now I am about to root for her son as he plays college ball???? Wow!

Before we know it, I will be hearing knews of your having ten in college at once!! :)) Kidding. You will have multiple ones in college at one time also, you realize don't you? Forget the $$ part, they can get scholarships, the rest of it will kill you!! Wonder why the parent's end is so different from the student's end? :)

Just think, I only wanted to be a grandmother . . . You would think one of them could have cooperated. :)

Oh, and Sara, if you are still working overseas have you thought . . . Your kids could be going who-knows-how-far-from-home for school.

Guess I am being a little premature, huh? College is here for me so it causes me to think this way.

Speaking of school, novels and such, I know this is long.

Take care and be safe. I know God goes with you as you travel.

Love you all-

Tara G. said...

So fun!! They're all so cute! We just got back from Crimea- I thought about you as I looked out over the Black Sea!

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