Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Papa" on Father's Day 2010

From Firstborn: I appreciate Papa because he leads in the right path to God. I appreciate that he takes time out of his work to be with me. Some dads don't do this, but my dad does. I love him very much.
From Twinkle Toes: I appreciate Papa because he's a great dad, and he reads me the Bible. He teaches me about God. He takes me hiking and does math with me. That's why I love him so much.
From Miss Middler: I appreciate Papa because he does lots of work for me, and he loves me. He buys stuff for me. I love him.
From Perma-Baby: About he, because I love him. He watches teletubbies with me.
From Big Ben: Nack. Mow. (translation: snack. more.)


Anonymous said...

Well, I wish I knew Ross because right about now I would give 'ol Dizzle Pop a good ribbing!! :)

What precious sentiments from his girls . . . and Ben. :)

Time for me to say bye for a while. It's that time. In just a few hours we leave for Texas. What a ride this is, Sara. I cannot share on FB or blogs all the wonderful things God has done but you would love the stories, I guarantee you. I've almost wrote about a couple of them but decided to wait. Maybe there will be a time when you and I can visit and share. I aways love hearing about the things God does.

Until I talk to you again, take care of yourself. We will be praying for you as you travel.

Much love,
Melanie and Family

Tara G. said...

Precious, Sara!!

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