Friday, February 5, 2010

A Great Idea for a Mom's Fellowship

My parents moved to a new city a few years ago and have found a wonderful church. Recently my sis-in-law emailed me about an idea that was presented to her from that church. One lady, with older children, wrote a devotional (40 days) written with school-aged children in mind, with key events leading up to Easter. Each day was one Bible story, culminating in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Then she challenged the mommies to each create 40 ornaments, all the same, based on one particular lesson. Soon there will be a meeting and fellowship to pick up a copy of the book and exchange ornaments. How fun is that!!!

My SIL...also known as a very nice, and never-been-jailed, version of Martha Stewart, offered to make an extra 40 for me, so I could get a set. I told her, "No, let me do them, send them back with CC in his luggage, get them in the mail to you, then you take them for me." I realize mine will rank with the less extravagant, but I had a great time creating them. My day was "The Parable of the Sower." I took a wood rectangle, painted sky and ground, then added a few flowers with rhinestones. Then to finish it, smeared it with hot glue and sesame seeds.

Each day, we'll read the devotional, and my kids will get to place the ornament on a tree. A Christmas Tree in March!! I am sure our friend who organized this event would not mind anyone using her idea. I thought it was a great way to encourage each other as we train our children and teach them God's Word.

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The Fish Family said...

Loved it. I will have to post about my ornaments after the party on Saturday. We painted whales on little wooden circles.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! Thanks for sharing it! Look at you being all crafty!

Anonymous said...

hello everybody

I just thought it would be good to introduce myself to everyone!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!


Thanks again!

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