Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Ornaments Arrived

One thing Papa, Grandma, and Grandaddy brought back to us (in addition to cheddar cheese, bacon, Hershey's kisses...the list goes on and on!) were the ornaments I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. They turned out great. Each night we're reading a Scripture passage, then answering questions from it, then hanging the ornament that represents that aspect of Jesus' life. Here we laid them all out to put them in order. Can you find the nail-printed hand and the tomb?
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Melanie Keffer said...

Yes, to the ornaments and what a great visual way to teach the Easter story . . . . but more than those ornaments were the four beautiful 'ornaments' huddled together also sitting on the floor.

A beautiful, beautiful picture of the girls! I've noticed lately Mary's beautiful hair. I remember when Kathleen was in your class fifteen years ago - how she always called you, "My beautiful Miss Fish." She would say, "Mom, I love her hair. She has such beautiful hair."

Now, at least one of your girls, (so far), seems to be taking after you in that way.


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