Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Favorite Birthday Gifts

Yesterday I turned 38!!! Since I went out over the weekend with girlfriends, I decided to spend my actual birthday with my kids at home. We had a grand time. We ordered pizza and Sprite and had strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. The girls offered to make me a cake, but I decided the ease of using one of my imported cake mixes myself at 10 in the morning far outweighed the clean up efforts of a cake made my my 10,9, and 8 year old girls (coupled with the fact that I sliced my finger open this week and am trying not to get it wet!) But they got lots of kisses for offering. I had some really special gifts during the day. Nothing from CC yet. Last year he brought me back an armload of things...strangely all from the Chicago airport shops. Whether he brings me back anything or not, his return will be present enough (I really do mean that...I would not be upset at all if you forgot, I mean how easy it might be to forget when it is the exact same day as YOUR birthday.)

So, the theme of this post is Favorite Birthday Gifts. Here they are:

1. My son saying his 4th word (right behind Bye, Mama, Papa).. CAR!
2. A bunch of sweet-smelling lilacs from a Turkish friend.
3. Seeing a rainbow on the way home from school with my 4-year-old daughter (and realizing, when 10 seconds later the clouds covered it, that it was a little gift from God that we saw it.)
4. Having my kitchen cleaned, having a trio of Happy Birthday played on the piano, having each of them in my life.
I think I like turning 38. (By the way, I discovered if you turn a photo of yourself turning 38 into a black and white shot, then make it have a fuzzy exterior, it eliminates many wrinkles!) Have a great day!
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BeechemBrightSpots said...

Happy Birthday, Sara! Hope your day was wonderful! You have a beautiful family!

Melanie Keffer said...

Oh, this post was truly charming and brought many smiles, even a chuckle or two. I know where your kids get their charm from. (Sorry Ross!)

I especially like the part about Ross bringing you a present and laughed out loud about last year's gifts from the shops in the Chicago airport . . . Why does that sound like somebody I know???

[By the way, today is the first day of somebody-I-know's new job! Things have been so hectic, I forgot to tell ANYONE . . .]

Poor Ross can't get away with, "Oops, it slipped my mind . . ." That is funny, also. Not that he would want to, but men are funny, aren't they?

I also forgot to tell you that not long ago I stumbled across an article Ross wrote for something or other, some time ago. I was looking at private schools, one link lead to another . . . Anyway, it was the article about his blowing up the swimming pool. It was hilarious! Somewhere I had read the story before but not quite like he told it in this article.

Charm does run in the family . . . in case Ross reads this!! :)

Not sure how I wondered off the trail. Today is my day to type novels. Police detective coming in a few minutes. Karoline is a witness to a crime and she has to go through mug shots!! Really. Only they are doing it here at our house.

Kathleen ate at John Ashcroft's house Monday night . . . I said, "PLEASE get someone to take a picture." She did. There is a long story to Kathleen's recent adventures. She wants to work for NATO at the present . .

Are you still standing? :))

So, you see I need to go . . . Sit down mostly. I just found out the detective was on his way.

God bless you Sara, hidden wrinkles and all . . . and all your beautiful kids, and Ross.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm behind on all things bloggy!

I'm with you on the black & white looks less wrinkled. If only I could appear in black & white in person!

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