Monday, February 8, 2010

X Week

Each week in Perma-Baby's preschool class, they learn a new letter. This was "x" week. I loved, loved, loved the skeleten she brought home for "x ray." I knew his bony existence would never survive in one of our files, so I took his picture. Now that I look at it, he is a good motivation to drink milk. I may be standing like him one day if not!
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Lindsey said...

I'm inspired to chug a big glass of cold milk with my breakfast, too!!
Thanks, Perma-Baby!! :)

Thanks, Sara, for the well-wishes for my eye. It's all pretty crazy! I bet the cold milk would also assist a purple eye, too, don't ya think?

Jeff and Kibbie said...

That is so cute!!! What a great idea! And while I am leaving you a post, just wanted to say - Jonathan wears Big Ben's clothes all the time! And every time he does I think of you :-) Thank you again!

Melanie Keffer said...

I agree!! I love the skeleton! I wonder who thinks up these brilliant ideas? :)

Sara, I have those storage bins with wheels that slide under the bed full of stuff I keep. I love going through it. As the years have passed by, I have had to expand to display cases, keepsake boxes, empty Whitman Sampler boxes . . (The Whitman boxes are something I remember my great grandmother keeping things in. In fact, whenever I see one, I still think of them having precious memories instead of candy.)

When we moved the boxes under my bed were special cargo that I personally oversaw their move. Can you tell I'm REAL sentimental? You already knew that, huh?

Anyway . . . The Q-Tip skeleton would have been a definite keeper!!

Hey . . .I have a full size body of Maverick that he did one year but you know what my favorite things are? Notes they wrote me and left in different places around the house and handprints. Everybody keeps handprints but I still love going back and looking at them.

Ahhh . . . I could talk all day about what is in those keepsake boxes -- Their hair, their teeth, their ribbons . . . OH, and their Easter hats and church underwear. My kids always had special underwear for church that they couldn't wear any other time. (Don't ask me why . . . I just sort of fell into that one. :)

Jenny said...

Hi Sara,
My name is Jenny and I'm Vickey Smith's daughter that attended ECS as well. My Mom finally gave me the correct blog address and I'm looking forward to reading about your lives over-seas. We live in VA with our 9 kiddos and our address is

Thought I'd say hello. My Elijah is pushing 19 months and looks a little shrimpy compared to your little, big guy - my first son was huge, 24 lbs at 4 mos. Funny how different they all are!

God bless.

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