Tuesday, February 2, 2010


One morning this week, E crawled in bed with me. I thought how nice it was that no one else was awake and then decided to ask her about her day at school. I said, "Honey, what did you learn at school yesterday?" Silence. "Are you there? Did you learn a new letter this week?" Then she started waving her finger in the air in a circle, over and over. And then she said..."Just wait a minute. I'm loading." I've tried it several times since. Go ahead, feel free to use it the next time you are having a Senior moment.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I'm still giggling over raging bull. Don't you love when you have that one-on-one time with each one? I know this was a funny, but I am relating to those precious times when we are alone with them and they are too charming for words . . . Just like Eva.

That is a good comment for this post: "Too charming for words."


Deena said...

So cute and so funny!!!! Where do kids come up with these things? I love this one!

Unknown said...

haha that's hilarious! :-)

lisa said...

im so glad you asked, im not quite there yet,posting gift certificates.
but i would love for her to buy something lovely at my shop.
*she could let you know what she finds that she cant live without and you can purchase it. i could gift wrap it and send it directly to her.
i really hope this works for you.
thanks so much.

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