Monday, November 10, 2008

What I am thankful for in the last 24 hours

This weekend I went to a retreat in Cappedocia. I have so many super blog ideas from the weekend, but this must be posted first. One of our speakers, a godly woman who has been persecuted for her faith, said, "There is power in thanksgiving." Therefore, here is my list of reasons to be thankful in the last 24 hours...

I am thankful...

1. that when I discovered the bug in my hair, I was able to save it.

2. for the internet, which has photos for easily identifying lice.

3. that the Lord prompted me to check my children's hair before bed.

4. for a friend who loves me enough to go out at night and find the only pharmacy that was open.

5. that my friend needed to be at this pharmacy 3 days earlier, otherwise she said she would not have easily found it.

6. that pharmacies in Turkey are required to be open 24 hours on a rotating basis.

7. that the pharmacy had lice medication (not a given that it will always be in stock).

8. for a daughter who did NOT freak out about her lice and calmly sat for 2 hours while I picked nits out of her hair (much better than her mother's reaction at age 15).

9. for a husband who was willing to go through my hair for 2 hours looking for nits with very little complaining.

10. that I didn't have lice, other than the 1.

11. that I had 1 louse, which alerted me to check my daughter, who was covered with them.

12. for a quiet day at home to do a second treatment.

13. that God reminds me He is here when we go through trials (by allowing me to find the louse at the end of my weekend rather than the start so I didn't dwell on it all weekend; by giving me a little louse so I'd know about my daughter; by giving me a sweet friend to help me get the right medication; by giving me a bald baby who can't get lice)

I have posted a photo of my beautiful daughter, in honor of her maturity last night. When I got home from a trip to Guatemala at age 15 and discovered lice, I sobbed in horror. She just smiled and said, "Can you get them out?" :) My encouragement to you today is to make the list of reasons to be thankful instead of that list of reasons to be discouraged. God is with us.


Kelly said...

Your children are PRECIOUS! I would have freaked out also! Bless your heart - that is something I'm terrified of when having children - that one day they will come home with lice. I think we all have to go there. :-(

The Fish Family said...

Oh Sara, I can't believe it. And nobody else in the family had them? Amazing!!! I'm so glad you got them all quickly. What a good attitude you have! And Mary Erin too - Tell her Aunt Cassie thinks she's quite a tough girl!

Melanie Keffer said...

Dearest Sara: I loved what you said about being thankful. It is so true!!! We are without a job and I did that same thing this weekend, went down a list thanking God for my many, many blessings. It lifted my spirits so much, that I was able to lift David, who feels such a heavy weight during this time.

As for the lice . . . I giggle everytime I read about your experiences. I know you must get tired of me saying, I relate. If it is any comfort to you, though, I freaked out also when my girls were little and came home from school with lice. I don't know how you can be a mom and not have cows over something like that. :)

Love you all-

Melanie Keffer said...

I am glad I stopped and read your blog this morning. It confirmed what is on my heart about being thankful. God bless you Sara! There is good in everything, isn't there?


Kristi said...

Sara - found your blog, through Michele's (Pickle), and have enjoyed reading about your family. I recently had a LICE battle I just really enjoyed your post on that!!

Kristi Herring (formerly Jackson, from OBU)

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