Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Weekend In Cappedocia Part I

A few weeks ago we had a Women's Conference here in Turkey. This is an annual thing and I have enjoyed the chance to go each year I've lived here. Ross tells me to go, he keeps the kids, and I enjoy some spiritual refreshment for a couple of days. This year it was in Cappedocia, which is only a 3 hour drive from Ankara. Just before leaving, I opted NOT to take our playpen for Benaiah to sleep in. We stood at the van and Ross said, "Are you sure about that?" and I said, "He can't roll yet, it'll be ok." What we didn't say, but both knew, is that no matter what bed the hotel would provide, it was sure to be unsafe. You can see the bed in this photo above. Please note the sides of the crib. The holes would have made a great jungle gym for my preschooler to crawl through! And if you look very carefully at the bottom corner, you can see what the bottom of the crib is held together with...a plastic bag tying the frame together. I am sure when we agreed to move to Turkey, there were some guardian angels rolling their eyes and murmuring, "Oh great, another one going to Turkey!"

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Michele said...

:) Love it. Isn't it amazing how your sense of "must haves" changes?

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