Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kidney Crisis

Last night at 1:45 am, I woke from a sound sleep to a growing pain in my back. I went to the kitchen for a drink, then to the bathroom...suddenly the pain became much greater, to the point that I could hardly speak. Ross heard me and woke up. He ran to the computer to type in symptoms and try to figure out what we should do. I then began envisioning 'something' rupturing and poison filling my body, so I said, "Just get me to the hospital." We can't leave our kids alone, so Ross called a taxi and got me downstairs in my pj's, then told the taxi to get me to the hospital quickly. I kept thinking I just can't throw up in this guy's taxi. I stumbled through the Turkish explanation and all the allergies, normal deliveries, 1 surgery in 1996, where the pain was, etc. while in excruciating pain. They put in a pain relief drip and though I am a teetotaler, I thought, "Ok, this feels like I've had 7 beers." I was able to call my parents and Ross' parents before my speech became unclear. The ultrasound confirmed it, a kidney stone. I got this once before in Singapore after taking calcium tablets prescribed for me after giving birth. Same deal here. I guess it is a toss-up for me..osteoporosis or kidney stones? They said the stone was already on the path out and sent me home with orders to drink as much water as I could stand. I came home and drank 2 liters of water and went to bed. Meanwhile, my mom, who is in Memphis for the week helping with my Granny, just 'happened' to be meeting with her old Sunday School class for a time of prayer that night. They, and others, prayed and the kidney stone left sometime during the night. The maternal instinct is so strong, all that time, all I could think about was poor little Benaiah waking at 5:30 to eat with no mama to feed him. Thankfully, I made it home in time. So, this post isn't particularly funny, but I just thought you'd want to know about my eventful night.


The Fish Family said...

I just had to read your last several entries as I don't read the net but on the weekends. Oh my goodness!!! What a week to remember. Loved the lice stories - how disgusting. Next time I guess you'll try to the mayo first, huh? So so glad you passed the stone so fast. I'm glad also that you pinpointed it to the calcium pill.

Melanie Keffer said...

Dearest Sara - I don't know what to say other than I hope you have a much better week this next week. Ever wonder why God does things like He does? One thing we can be sure of is there is something good in each thing He allows.

Through our unemployment, not knowing where the next meal is coming from at times and how we are going to pay the next bill, God has been faithful to us! His goodness has stood out to me like never before.

Your week of trials was hard on you but one of the good things from it was the blessing it was to other people.

Thank you once again for sharing and letting me participate in your blog.

Melanie and Family

SevenSwansaswimming said...

Wow- hope you are feeling better! This week has to be better for you. (Could it be worse than last week?)

Bill said...

Sara (and Ross), ... Bill (and Elly) Berry here - Erin Robbins' dad/mom, here in G'town/Memphis.

Sorry to read of your kidney experience. God is certainly shone (again) to be Jehovah Rapha, honoring the prayers of His beloved in moments where His healing is needed. PTL that the stone passed and you now keep drowning yourself in drinking water. ;>) (bad attempt at kidney humor!)

Wanted to let you know that Sat./Sun. we were up @ Ken-Lake at the Central Church adult SS retreat; and we were @ breakfast Sat. morning talking with a couple whom we had just met. They were telling stories about recruiting teachers for mission schools in various countries, one of which was Turkey.

We casually mentioned that we knew a couple of teacher/missionaries in Turkey. They asked who; and we told them your names ... at which time both smiled and said that they had recruited you to go to Turkey and were friends of yours.

Yes, as you've guessed by now, it's Steve and Rhonda Stark. So cool that God brought us together to meet them. And there's another story about Rhonda during the weekend, which I'll not tell you for space reasons here. But ask Rhonda about becoming a "Neti-pot disciple." She'll tell you the story. But they are certainly lovely folks; and they spoke with such loving words about the two of you.

Praying for you here in G'town, TN ... Love in our Lord ... Bill and Elly Berry

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