Sunday, November 23, 2008

Look alikes

I find genetics and 'what someone's kids will look like' to be very interesting. Only God decides. Most people say Mary Erin looks like a Campbell and Esther looks like me. People have definite opinions on Annika, but some say Ross, some say me. What I have decided is that Benaiah and Eva look alike, so much so, that I have to study the surroundings from time to time to tell the pictures apart. You would think they were both born from chipmunks with those cheeks! I am looking forward to creating some new posts this coming week. We had our Christmas craft fair this week, so it has been a busy one.


Anonymous said...

I still see Fish in Benaiah. I think he looks like Tim. Sorry, Ross! :)He's likely to change before long.

The Fish Family said...

Those photos are amazing!! How fun to see. AB had no clue they were 2 different babies!

Melanie Keffer said...

As always, I relate!!

I think Benaiah looks like you. I've never seen your brother so I can judge there but I definitely see you in his face.

Your girls are different . . . They seem to have a combination of you and Ross. I agree Eva looks a lot like you. I met your mother once, a long time ago and wish I could remember what she looked like so I would have more material to work with!! :)

I love finding family traits in my kids also!! I see my grandmother in this one, etc. The real treat for me is to see my dad in my boys since he is no longer here. I see more of his personality in my kids than anything else, along with a lot of Keffer. Kathleen's red hair is from her great grandfather, Papa Red. He was Irish with bright red hair.

Maybe sometime you can post relative pictures along with the kids' pictures so we can see who they favor. What about pictures of you and Ross when you were children?


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