Thursday, March 30, 2017

Scotland Story: What I'll Never Forget

This post is short, but sweet. The next morning we needed to eat our final breakfast, load up, and get on the road to our other destination for the remainder of our trip, Edinburgh. It also happened to be my parents' wedding anniversary, so we took a quick video to send to them. Note the dark and the rain. The sun was just coming up as we left.

It was time to leave Inveraray, the home of our Campbell ancestors, the place that CC had sought out on a simple map (not with Google maps and Wiki) and traversed unto by bus back in 1988, and the place that he would then take his family nearly 30 years later, bringing a wife and 5 kids, coming from Turkey...I wonder if he ever imagined that! As we drove off, he remarked that this would likely be the last time for this. One of our kids is soon to fly off to discover her own adventures, to walk her own path, hand-in-hand with the Savior. Our time of things being "the way they are" is nearly done. Just at that moment, a song came up (for Firstborn is our "playlist queen" always getting us a list of songs ready for road trips), "The Last Goodbye" from the Narnia soundtrack (the movie based on the set of books that CC has read to all the CampbellClanKids) and suddenly I glanced back to see Miss Middler crying. She said, "I'm going to miss her." And then every single one of us in the car teared up. Suddenly the kids were all telling Firstborn they would miss her, and we laughed a little through our tears. I will NEVER forget that as long as I live. It's not the hotels booked on websites, it's not the layovers and delays and overpriced cups of coffee at the airport, it's not the beauty of the land around us. It's experiencing it all with those you love. And it's those moments that are not in the plan that God gives to remind us what we have. My one last picture of Inveraray Castle was taken as we drove across the bridge to take us away. And while I'm sure the Earl is quite happy in his castle, I am quite happy in mine as well. Just the way I have it.

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