Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Scotland Story: Glecoe II

Coming out of the glen, suddenly the land gets more flat and is full of strips of water, rushing as the snow falls and melts into it. It's obvious why people settled in a land that might seem harsh. It's beauty and resources would have drawn them.

Just take these pictures and magnify the beauty! It was so gorgeous! Everyone, go to Scotland. Go to Glencoe.

Do you see the tiny waterfall? When we rolled down the window, we could hear them even.

We made it back after a long and quiet drive in the dark, as we finished Glencoe at about sunset. It was time to warm up and head out to dinner. We stayed in three small hotel rooms. These home roomies chose each other. They've got their routines and didn't want them messed up, even on vacation! I love this picture. I love them.

Of our three restaurant options, there was our own hotel Inveraray Inn, an Indian place, and The George. We wanted to get out a bit and not eat at our own hotel. The Indian place delighted us during our anniversary trip, as it reminded us of the delicious Indian fare we ate in Singapore. But it was closed for winter. The George became our nightly spot for those few nights. It was so fun. It was so delicious. It was so Scottish. I really wanted to order "Neeps and Tatties," but decided the fish-n-chips called too loudly. We asked about the Christmas lights up in the ceiling of the entire restaurant. The gal told us they were so much trouble to put up, they'd be up for awhile. It made for a fun picture.

This was just outside The George, established before America was even an independent country!

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