Thursday, March 2, 2017

Scotland Story: Getting to Inveraray

We left Campbell Castle and passed through the city that holds the monument to William Wallace. It was beautiful to see. We did not stop, but I was able to get this one clear picture through the trees.

We needed to stop for something to eat for lunch. The joke sort of became, "Mama wants fish and chips." because I was so impressed with fish and chips on my first visit! We found a little fish and chips place full of all white-haired people. That's a sure sign the food is good. We quickly realized we could start splitting plates of fish and chips! We also began our (sadly, unsuccessful) quest to convince CC to buy a kilt set. My kids are amazing with just a few clicks of some buttons and coming up with hilarious recreations of photos. Firstborn put this together for him so he could see how nice he would look.

This little town with the fish-n-chips was just one of so many small, beautiful and friendly towns. It had an old water mill in the center of the town. It is now a real estate office. I'm glad they don't tear things down, but embrace their heritage.

We arrived in Inveraray! CC booked us to stay in the Inveraray Inn. We went family budget this time, not 20th anniversary style like last time, so it was basic, but clean and nice. One thing I found charming about Scotland, both times, is the plaid carpet. And plaid couches. And plaid pillows. And plaid bedspreads. It's all plaid. And mixing plaids is just fine! This hotel has been around since before America gained its independence! The creaky hardwood floors and thick windows attested to it. It was wonderful!

We slept well after our big day. Breakfast was provided. Full Scottish! It was called, and we had eggs, sausage, toast, tea, a grilled tomato with cheese, and, of course, haggis.

The sun rose so much later there! So just after breakfast as it came up, we slipped back behind the hotel to see this beautiful old church tower with the sunrise as its backdrop. This is a Church of Scotland, but allows Catholic services to be held there as well.

We were so excited about our first Inveraray adventure, as the day began!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I must chime in about the lack of a kilt for Ross! "Ross, Ross, Ross . . . What kind of Scotsman are you?" :-)

Seriously, I hear there are special undergarments? I may be wrong. I cannot believe Ross, as proud as he is of his Scottish heritage, did not get a kilt! So disappointing. (Of course, this is light hearted.)

Glad you survived single-parenthood and are back to the story telling, aka blogging, business.

Melanie K.

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