Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Scotland Story: Churches and Henges

After we were pulled out of the ditch, we headed on to a place CC and I had come together on our anniversary trip. We loved it so much and wanted the kids to see it. It is called Kilmartin Glen and has a church, ancient graveyard, and a small museum. It sits amid ancient henges and cairns and mysterious cup and ring carvings in the stone, where early civilizations did...something. Marked the solstices? buried people? worshiped pagan gods? No one knows exactly, but somehow they have survived from around 400BC.

Kilmartin Church and graveyard was beautiful for me to see again. Sheep. Green. Crosses.

It was pretty cold. The sky would suddenly empty all the rain clouds on us. And it was cold rain. We popped in for a spot of tea at the museum.

I absolutely had to take this picture. Yes, soft verges indeed. Soft enough that it can nearly flip a car.

CC wanted to really nail down the henge spots and cairns and let the kids see them. They are just out in the middle of farming fields, unprotected. We read that when the cairns were discovered, the bodies inside (that were buried so long ago) had turned to a cheese consistency. I am fairly certain that little fact will never be removed from my mind, even in my old age.

Bleh. Some of the kids even crawled inside. Cheese.

As interesting as the henges and cairns were, we could not get enough of the sheep. We left CC to study the ancient history and made our way to the lambs.

We just couldn't get enough of them. So wooly and oblivious to the rain. Big flat heads and yellow eyes. It was so much fun!!

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