Sunday, March 26, 2017

Scotland Story: Plaids, Kilchurn, Oban, and Dunstaffnage

We came back and had a good night's sleep and were ready to find new adventures the next day. We had to wait for the sun to come up to get started! This picture of the kids was taken in beautiful Inveraray.

The kids and I visited the shops in our little town. I was so happy to find this beautiful woollen shawl for my mom. She had reminded me after our first trip to Scotland that her grandmother was Lizzie Leigh Scot and that I am also of Scottish descent. I snapped this quick picture so I could show CC what I bought, as the clerk offered to mail the package for me to the US. I just gave her postage money. It was later when I got back to our hotel that I looked up the plaid. It was one of the plaids of the Scot Clan! Perfect! And warm, and soft.

This castle was Kilchurn. We hopped out for a quick picture. Big Ben might have been a little cold.

We were overcome by the beauty surrounding us!

As we drove, we passed multiple waterfalls, some moving and some frozen.

Our next stop was the town of Oban, a beautiful coastal town surrounded by mountains.

This castle, called Dunstaffnage, also occupied by Campbells, shows more than any we saw the use of natural formations to build a fortress. It was massive and solid!

We visited the family chapel and graveyard near the castle. As the story goes, a young man was set to be married, but was fatally wounded that very morning. He somehow managed to get to the chapel and marry the lass before he passed. Big Ben really wanted a picture in front of the skull and crossbones.

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