Friday, March 3, 2017

Scotland Story: Inveraray Castle

In this tiny waterfront town of Inveraray is the famous Inveraray Castle. This is why most people visit the town. This castle provides the tourists that allow for the little shops and hotels to thrive. The castle is open during the summers to tourists. In the castle lives Torquhil Campbell, 13th Duke of Argyll. He is the current heir and is married to a Cadbury heiress. Think chocolate, eggs, candy bars, cocoa. I've read he is quite friendly and chats with visitors, when the castle is open. I think what thrilled us, other than sharing the family name via long lost cousins who immigrated to America, is that it was an inhabited castle. So many we visited were ancient and abandoned. It made us curious about how it was decorated, and what it must be like for his kids to run throughout such a house. We spent some of our mornings at the breakfast table looking up images of the family and the interior.

We never saw the Campbells, though we gave many glances back to see if someone might come out to stroll the gardens. We concluded surely they were out of town! Because who wouldn't want to come out and play with the Campbell cousins with the funny American accents?!

Upon leaving, I took this picture below completely unaware of how it looked, because sunlight was streaming into the picture. I like how it turned out!

We got one last picture of the Campbell family crest on the flag. And of course, we were given a lesson in all the symbolism...from CC! (which all the kids began quoting, as he's told us a time or two.)

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