Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scotland Story: Glencoe I

Our next big adventure was Glencoe! I was so excited to show this to the kids, as it was one of my favorites.

The roads all wound through the lochs and mountains, so there was always beauty out the window as we drove.

We made a quick stop at Stalker Castle and to run in to the gift shop up on top of the hill above it for bathroom and warm up break. Alas, it was closed. We had to find a path for our needs!

Driving further north (it's almost the furthest north I've been in my life, except Stockholm, Sweden), we came into Glencoe. The pictures just don't do it justice, but suddenly the normally chatty car grew quiet. The kids were in awe as turn after turn took us to new views of God's beautiful creation. A deep valley between giant hulking mountains on either side, dusted with snow, with green grass at the was breathtaking.

This is when we got into the heart of Glencoe.

We stopped for a quick run through the Glen. It was cold and wet, but so fun. Here the Singapore girls stand in front of "Three Sisters Mountains."

I have more pictures of Glencoe to share tomorrow. Right after I get those research papers graded!

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Anonymous said...

Keep the pictures coming! I enjoy your family's story. - reader from Wisconsin

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