Saturday, March 4, 2017

Scotland Story: Hiking Up to the Watchtower

When CC was 20 and in Europe for a semester, he planned a weekend to travel to Inveraray to find his ancestral homeland. Soon, all his college buddies, in Europe with him, wanted to come too. So, he organized the trip here. He hiked a mountain to get up to the watchtower of the town. He really wanted us to do this on our anniversary trip, but it was always foggy or raining. And it's the view you want! So, the first morning our family woke up in Inveraray, it was clear. He said, "Let's do it!"

The hike was difficult, even though I've been exercising more in the last couple of years. But it was so worth it!

Just before the trip, my camera began malfunctioning. I was so sad about it. I took my phone and all of these shots are from that. I still think they are beautiful!

Everywhere we turned was beauty!

And finally we made it to the top and the watchtower! More tomorrow from "up there."

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