Saturday, December 24, 2016

Staff Christmas Party 2016

This year we got to host the staff Christmas party in our home. Our den is the same size as our old house, but a different shape. It's an "L." CC got it figured out how to get everyone in there. We brought in extra tables and put all the food in the kitchen to have maximum seating in the den. This little sweetie went out and hung lanterns and lit them with candles in the trees. 

She created a candle-lit path for our guests. 

When you host a party in Turkey, this is what the front door looks like! 

We don't re-think the party each year. We have guests bring appetizers and desserts. Usually, they go all out and bring treats that can't even be bought here (like pork or gourmet cheeses). We eat first. Then CC assigns the Biblical Christmas reading to those teachers who will not be returning next year. Then we sing Christmas hymns. It nice. It's worshipful. Then we do the traditional gift exchange, which always brings laughs. It's a great time to connect with each other amid the busy week before Christmas Break. We had 48 this year! What a party! 

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