Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: Glencoe

We drove further and further, hoping to get to Glencoe before the sun set. It was magnificent.

Long ago, the people of Glencoe were not paying taxes as the king wanted. He sent his warriors (Campbells) in to kill all men/women/children. They followed the king's orders and were ruthless. This incident is why thy have the reputation they do. The people that survived fled to these mountains and froze/starved. CC continues to say, "Just obeying the king." But people still tend to have strong feelings about what was done. I am told that in some pubs, there are signs that say, "No Campbells served here."

This picture taken with my phone, I feel like shows Glencoe best. Just vast mountains split by a valley.

We made it through the valley with the enormous walls of snow on either side of us. It is hard to describe, but it was really breathtaking. The sun was beginning to set. We didn't want to be in the valley in the snow when the sun went down, so we pressed on.

And this is where we watched the sunset.

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