Friday, December 2, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: The Drive!

We rented a little car. It was quite a change from our big diesel cargo van (converted to a passenger van)! It was fun to zip around, but I kept saying, "LEFT!" when we turned! Not the wrong side of the road, just the other side of the road!

Scotland was beautiful. The people of this land have much to be grateful for, and they live in such a way that you can quickly see they are both proud of and thankful for what they've been given.

I just never saw anything...ugly. It was all beautiful. Cottages with a fire set. Stone walls for fences. Sheep grazing. It was simply...lovely.

It was hard to find a place to pull over on these winding 2 lane roads. But it was also hard to get a picture while speeding along. At one point, we pulled into a driveway of a farm to get a picture. When CC pulled the car back around to get back on the road, the wheels just spun. A light rain had started and the grass was slick. Nothing seemed to get it to pull out. Finally, he insisted (I didn't want to) that I drive and let him push. It was my first time to drive with the gear shift on the left, but he told me to just go straight back. I did, he held the car, and we pulled out of it. I glanced up, and he was gone. Straight down on the ground! We got back on the road. He later told me it was his favorite memory of the trip. Just a wee problem we had!

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