Friday, December 23, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: Final Stop Edinburgh

We woke that morning early, ate our breakfast, then began the drive back to Edinburgh for our flight home. We followed the GPS in the car, trusting "she" would not lead us wrong. We feel like she took us through a little bit of a wild goose chase. At one point, we pulled off to double check. I looked up and here was this centuries old church. Sigh. Let me take a picture, I'll be quick!

Our final hope was to attend St. Giles' Cathedral, where John Knox once preached. Because of our GPS routing, we got there just past the start of service times. We so wanted to attend. Tourists were peeking in the front door. CC dropped me off and went to go find parking. I slipped in the back, where there was a cafe. I said, "Please, is it too late for me to go in? I want to attend the service." They ushered me through the door and in I went. CC soon joined me.

Though we missed the start, we didn't miss the gift God had for us that day. The pipe organ and choir loudly proclaimed, "Be Thou My Vision," one of the oldest hymns and one that was played at our wedding. I knew that God had one last gift for us that day, and tears streamed down both of our faces. Coming from Turkey, this service was a gift for us.

The flowers that day? lilies. My wedding bouquet 20 years after our wedding.

All Praise to God! (I'll spare you a post about our return.... landing at 3AM, getting home and to bed at 5AM, up for work at 7AM. Lots of coffee that day, but it was worth it!) Thanks for sticking with me through my Scotland journey!

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Melanie Keffer said...

Thanks for sharing your anniversary trip. It was precious. I love how God knows each heart and just how to bless us.

Merry Christmas!
Melanie Keffer and Family

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