Thursday, December 15, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: Castle KIlchurn

Our final destination in the Lock Awe region was one of the most famous Campbell castles, called Kilchurn. This beautiful bridge was just outside of the castle.

At times, depending on rainfall, the castles sits on an island, as it would have in the 15th century when it was built. It was occupied by Sir Colin Campbell, as a five storey tower house. Over time, parts were added until it was possible for 200 troops to live there.

Just beyond the castle sat this beautiful "house." I kept talking about the house. I wondered what they were having for lunch. I wondered if the paid staff looked like Downton Abbey. I wondered what their Christmas tree was going to be like. I was absolutely relieved to find it was a hotel. In enabled me to quit thinking about this "family." Ha!

We parked our car, then began our way down the footpath which would take us to the castle. Suddenly, this darling bird landed just 2 feet from us. He perched on the sign that said, "To the castle." We had our own private guide.

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