Friday, December 16, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: Castle KIlchurn Up Close

After the little bird pointed the way, we walked through a path and under a bridge for a train. Oh how I wished a train would come barreling through! But all was quiet.

I simply can't describe the beauty in words. I kept thinking when I took pictures how much better God made the human eye. The eye takes in the picture with sights and smells and panoramic views.

And then, suddenly, out in the field, we spotted something. Our voices grew low in a whisper. We began to slowly reach for the camera to zoom in. What kind of creature had antlers (or ears?! a jack rabbit?) poking above the overgrown grass? Alas, after many minutes of our silent safari stalking, it was a tree trunk, of which we had taken about 10 pictures!

Here's CC confirming the species. A tree. Indeed.

The path led us to this gorgeous ruin.

So much was green! In November! CC said he read in Scotland, the variety of grass just stays green all year. And it certainly gets watered enough!

Upon the front door was engraved the initials of the lord and lady of the castle.

What a beautiful place it must have been!

I found interest in the path that led us up. This was perhaps near where the entrance gate would have been. Surely, there was once a moat if it was on an island. These round wood posts remains were strategically placed there.

Isn't this beautiful?

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