Thursday, December 22, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: Soon to Say Goodbye

Our 4 day getaway was coming to a close. I struggle sometimes with the idea that I've been sent overseas for a purpose, which does not necessarily include vacation and travel beyond my country of service. And yet, we live in a place that puts us near to this kind of beauty and can buy a plane ticket cheaper than the gas to drive across a few states in America. But towards the end of this trip, I viewed it as a gift to me. I felt so refreshed. I felt ready to come back to my daily out-the-door-at-7:30AM-home-at-5:30PM routine, all the while security concerns buzzing around in my head. Serving my kids at school, then serving my kids at home. In His name and with his strength. Surely, this trip gave me the respite only He knew I needed.  It was a gift, carefully and totally planned by my husband of twenty years. He was proud to show me the land of his (and my! My great granny was a "Scot.") ancestors. I am proud to be married to a Campbell, especially him. The beauty, the rainbow...I'll never forget God's messages of love to me. I felt like Scotland got a rainbow that day because of me! And specifically, I felt like He said, "I am with you. No matter where you go, My presence is there."

As we left Glencoe, the road home took us through what looked like little Christmas villages I might set upon my mantle.

Look carefully for the Campbell Clansman in this picture, grinning! We spotted one last monument, parked the car, and hiked up. It was a monument built in honor of a famous Scottish author. I was tempted to stay in the car because it was so cold! But CC said, "Come on, it's our anniversary. We have to do it together." So up I went, and then down we came through snow and slush! Wet boots, laughing that we hiked such a path, not really knowing why it was there until we finally reached the top.

On our last morning in Inverary, I took this picture of our hotel.

And I wanted one last picture of us before breakfast, which turned out to be my favorite.

....and the breakfast. It was hard to say goodbye. Goodbye, clotted cream. Goodbye, orange marmalade. Goodbye, berries. I tried very hard to balance being polite with my blueberry portion, knowing I was returning to a country without blueberries! I did get seconds.

I wanted one last picture: the front of the Campbell castle. The Earl must not have been home. Surely, he would have invited us in.

One last picture of the beautiful town of Inverary, home to the Campbells. It was easier to leave knowing we would bring our kids back soon!


Tara G. said...

Rejoicing with you that you had this amazing & restful getaway. Inspired that you are faithful to what you've been called to obey. Have a beautiful holiday!

Melanie Keffer said...

Oh Sara, doesn't the Psalms say God gives us all things richly to enjoy? What could possibly be wrong with enjoying the part of the world He has put you in? I think it's wonderful and while so many things in life are hard, the blessings are so rich. :-)

Glad you got to do this. Mine and Dave's last anniversary trip was the tenth anniversary where he flew me across the United States to see where I was born. I had not been there since I was 2 years old so, of course, I did not remember it. I was able to retrace the steps of my parents when they were young, visit the house they lived in, the train station my grandmother arrived in just a few hours before I was born, go to where my mother shopped and visit the hospital I was born in. It was such a gorgeous place. I got a glimpse of my parents that was magical. Then David took me to a really special place for our anniversary dinner. I sat by a huge picture window watching the sun set on the Pacific Ocean . . .

Thanks again for sharing your trip. David and I will soon be married 31 years and are looking forward to our next anniversary trip.


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