Friday, November 11, 2016

Twinkle Turns 16! (Family Party)

Twinkle is a 16-year-old! I can't believe my little girl has reached that milestone. Just before we celebrated her as a family, CC casually mentioned to me as he fell asleep one night, that his favorite soup was called Mulligatawny. He'd had it as a 20 year old in Europe and had memorized the name so he could have it again. 20 year old? He's just now telling me? I'd found a recipe and whipped up a pot within 24 hours. He ate 3 bowls the first night. A few nights later, Twinkle Toes requested it as her birthday meal!

We love doing one night just for our family. Just to laugh, to eat something requested by the birthday boy/girl, and to shower them with presents and love. My favorite memory of this night is when Big Ben realized he didn't have a gift for her. His normal route is to run up and find something to give...a seashell, a car, a soccer card. But this night he ran up and grabbed all his cash, 30TL (about $10) and insisted that she have it.

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