Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Passort2Purity with Miss Middler

I so look forward to doing Passport2Purity with my girls. I can't recommend it enough. To be able to get away for a night together, spoil that one girl a bit, and talk about the importance of purity in the years ahead is such a gift to me!

We stayed in town, but escaped together for some fun away from home. A big treat was the American breakfast the next morning! 

We went out for dinner together, listened to cd's, discussed God's perspective on topics. We went swimming (brrrr, right, Miss Midd?!), to the hamam (Ahhhhh!), and got a massage. We slept so well in our King-sized bed that night. 

The next day we went to the mall and found this! As it turns out, there was a famous Turkish youtuber who was speaking at the mall. It appeared that every pre-teen Turk wanted to hear him. For us, a crowd like that said one thing. GET OUT! TARGET! So we slipped through the crowds and went elsewhere. 

After finding a couple of cute clothing items for her, I wanted to take her picture by the beautiful birches we saw. 

This girl is a beauty, inside and out! 

We drove home after our day away and picked up CC, who was all spiffed up to take us out. He took us for Chinese, talked about his teen years, about why he picked me, and what was on his heart. 

Then we presented her with a beautiful ring. 

I'm so proud of the beautiful woman she is becoming and am glad to have a part in her life to give her the opportunity to take God's path, not the world's.

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Tara G. said...

I really enjoyed doing this with my oldest! Such a pretty ring on a beautiful girl!

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