Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sweet Cheeks and a Sweet Time

My little baby is growing up, there's no question about it. She'll always be my baby (and doesn't mind me saying this), but as she is approaching Middle School, she's earned her night away with Mama to talk about "growing up."

We hopped a bus into town and stayed one night at a spot where we could walk to the mall. I let her pick the restaurant, and she chose Popeye's Chicken.

We walked back to our hotel and checked out the pool, sleeping later in a giant king-sized bed that was so warm and comfy.

Our favorite part was the hearty breakfast the next morning, complete with a coffee machine that spit out any drink you wanted. We tried them all in little cups!

I love my little gift called Sweet Cheeks. She says she ready to grow up, except she'll miss her stuffed animals when she's too big to play with them.

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