Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Big Ben's Big 8th!

Right after school started, Big Ben turned 8! He was so excited about his birthday party and asked if we could go play laser tag. Just to go on record, the girls won. 

We brought a cake and, of course, ice cream. (CC will not eat birthday cake without ice cream, even if it means a run to the store.) I bought this delicious cake at a local bakery. It's hit or miss on cakes here, but this was a hit. 

I love this boy with my whole heart! He's all boy, but he's got the kindest heart. I'm so proud of him! 

The next night we celebrated at home as a family. We call it "Family Party." His requested meal? Chicken Pot Pie and Chocolate Cake. 
Happy birthday, Son! I love you! 

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