Saturday, November 5, 2016

Soccer Tournament 2016: Saturday's Stars

The big day came for the final playoffs in the tournament. Here are our fabulous girls and their coaches !

They played hard and fought to the end. The entire last game, in which we were playing for 1st place, was either tied or we were down. In the last few minutes, we pulled it up to a tie. And then, Miss Middler, moved for the first time in that game to midfield, kicked it in to bring us 1 point ahead. And we won. And that I will never forget! Here are the girls congratulating each other after the game. I love this picture because our goalie has her arms wrapped around the other goalie. 

The boys took 2nd place, against the French School (who was playing with 20 year olds in leagues!). Miss Middler is helping our mascot lead the crowd in a cheer! 

After the game, the teams sat down to receive their trophies. I love that my girls sat together to cheer. 

That 1st place trophy looks might nice in our trophy case! 

And after an entire day, cheering, losing my voice, supporting those girls from 8:30AM-5PM, they got in the car and said, "What's for dinner?" ha ha. Dinner?! Who has cooked dinner? So we went out for pide. I walked straight into our local restaurant and told the owner my girls had just won 1st place. Like a good soccer mom. 

There's nothing I'd rather be doing on my weekend! 

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