Thursday, November 3, 2016

First Home Oasis Game EVER

This day WAS HUGE!!! We have never in 13 years hosted our own game. EVER! We always travel to the other school. We used for years and years and years one outdoor small basketball court for every sport you can imagine. So, when the day finally came to host our own game, on our new pitch, we were excited!

Here's Sweet Cheeks gazing up at the lights. Me? I'm watching my teens! 

I love this picture my dear friend B took! 

We got to sell concessions for the first time! 

But this little girl was sad. She had injured her foot pretty badly in practice when she crashed between two girls at full speed. (I have mentioned her previous award, of which she is quite proud, "Most Clumsy" and of which she tripped receiving.) She could not play in the first game. And she pouted. But it was for the best. We needed her well and healed up for the tournament just a few days later....which brings me to....tomorrow's post! 

It was only fitting that we would win our first home game! 

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