Saturday, November 26, 2016

Scotland for Twenty: Our Escape

CC decided last summer, when we were apart, to plan a trip for our 20th. We try to do something a little bigger (a trip) for each of our 5 years. On our 5th, I was pregnant with Miss Middler. We stayed in a nice hotel in Singapore and chose her name. On our 10th and 15th, we traveled within Turkey with some or all of our kids with us. This year, he wanted us to go alone and to go outside of our country. This was a first; we had never left our kids alone in the country before. Several sweet friends volunteered to help them in any way they needed and made it possible.

He researched and bought some good priced tickets and planned a wonderful 4-day getaway for us. I only knew we were going to Scotland. I couldn't wait! We got up very early and headed out on a Thursday. We hardly knew what to do with ourselves with just 2 carry-on bags and no little hands to hold through the airport.  We bought a Starbucks coffee and split it. I think we held hands the entire time in the airport. I just couldn't believe it was happening! To me! 

After a short layover in Istanbul, then a 4.5 hour flight, we arrived in Edinburgh. I peeked out the window to see this! 

And this! A castle! Right out my window! 

We had traveled most of the day and were tired, but we were like teenagers! We set out to get to our car rental place. A kind Scottish man with a cowboy hat volunteered to get our picture. He had just returned from Miami and Texas! I wish we'd gotten him in our picture. 

We got our car, and my job became reminding CC to drive on the OTHER side of the street! In Turkey, we drive a big diesel van. We had a little French car. It was an economy car, but we kept calling it sporty. And compared to our van, it was sporty! We began zipping through the 2 lane roads, round curves, not entirely sure if we were on the right roads. Oh, it was fun! And then I said, "I'm getting hungry. I wonder if we see some little fish-and-chips place, like a hole in the wall, if we could stop." By this time, it was 10PM Turkey time. CC said, "Only if it's on the left side of the street!" We  had already begun to drive in snow and all kinds of blind curves. And then my little fish-and-chips place was there! CALLING US! 

We walked in, and I will never forget the smell. MMMMM. You know when you are really hungry how good food tastes? We split a plate and enjoyed every bite. 

What a cute place. She had all handmade soaps. I think I smelled every one. 

I took this picture of CC to send to the kids. Big Ben responded, "I love your hottel." I love him! Not quite our hotel, with a fish net hanging from the ceiling. 

It was every bit as good as it looks. 

With fried fish and potatoes in our bellies, we headed back out to find the beautiful town of Inverary, the Campbell Clan land!

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