Sunday, November 6, 2016

Soccer Season 2016

The girls worked really hard. Firstborn was a team captain and defender. Twinkle and Middler worked hard at their spots in midfield/striker, both scoring goals this season for their team.

We thoroughly enjoyed the matches we played, even in the rain. We were thrilled to host the city tournament. And we looked forward to one last tournament which involved travel to another city. Getting to stay in a hotel, getting to play new teams...we were so excited!

But then, just as we are approaching the week to go, security concerns prevented us from coming. It seems like a small thing. It's just a soccer game. But the kids work so hard and long, and this seems to happen often. It's disappointing.

But they faced the decision with a good attitude. The coaches suggested that for a final fun party, they would mix up the guys and girls into co-ed teams for a game, followed by some pizza afterwards.

 And co-ed soccer with your guy friends is pretty fun. So, we're going to end on that note.

I'm proud of my girls and the Monday-Wednesday-Friday faithful workouts and practices and skill building they achieved this year. I'm proud of Firstborn for leading her team well as captain. I'm proud of Twinkle for taking some risks to shoot that resulted in some goals. I'm proud of Miss Middler who was moved from Defense to Midfield this year and scored her first ever goal (which put us ahead and enabled us to take 1st place in our city tournament). But I'm also proud of the friends they've been to others in the process.

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