Monday, January 4, 2016

Prague Blog: Inside the Castle

After a quick stroll through the Christmas market outside the castle, we went inside.

Couldn't help snapping this picture of this cutie with her corn snack.

The cathedral was astounding. This is the third building on this site, all were dedicated to St. Vitus, and so named because it contained the holy relic of.....St. Vitus' arm, acquired by King Wenceslaus. That's right. The present day cathedral was founded in 1344. There is much history leading up to its completion, I've enjoyed reading about it after seeing it all.

This box remains a mystery to me. I could not read the inscription, but I thought the wood box beautiful. I have not yet found out about it online. Does anyone know?

This was a beautiful piece.

If you look closely, you will see the face and arms of Jesus on the cross.

The mystery box and me. What does this say?

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