Sunday, January 10, 2016

Prague Blog: Stained Glass Beauty

As we entered the cathedral, men were asked to take off their hats. I loved it! Appropriate.

The wait outside in the cold was well worth what we saw. Bear with many stained glass photographs. I could not help it.

They tell the story of Jesus, the most blessed story ever told!

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Anonymous said...

That was something Kathleen also loved about the cathedrals in France - the stained glass windows and the biblical stories they told.

You are really spurring my interest in parts of the world I never thought too much about . . .

I wish to goodness I was closer to you than a million miles so you could show me how to use this blessed camera. (I think it's the medicine I take, let's hope that's the reason, ha!). I think I told you I bought one like yours because I really liked what you said about it and the pictures you took . . . That is as far as I have gotten. That was last summer!

I keep seeing your beautiful pictures and moaning! :-)


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