Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthdays

Today is my sweet daughter's 14th birthday! I am so proud of my middle girl. She started out life bound and determined to catch up to her 2 bigger sisters....she walked the soonest and when she was put behind a gate on the top floor, she simply shook it loose and rode it down like a sled.

My daughter's heart is so kind and thoughtful. I just don't know many 14 year olds like her.

And today my sweet baby girl turns the very same day as.....

her sweet Grandma turns 70ish!  Right, Grandma?

Happy birthday to both my loves!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. F and E! I always forget until you post, the coinciding birthdays with my family. I think I mention it every year! Ha! This one is the day after our Kathleen, who turned 29!! So hard to believe. You were Miss when you taught her in 3rd grade. You and I are both getting old!!

I hope your Mom and your little sweetheart had a great day!


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