Friday, January 15, 2016

Prague Blog: Final Pics

After our stroll through the town while all was quiet, we came back to enjoy breakfast at our hotel before boarding our plane. Mmmm. It was all so wonderful. I went for things that I would either not normally get in Turkey OR things I'd likely not take the time to do myself. Smoked salmon. Fresh cut fruit. European cheeses. A chocolate croissant.

I had to get this guy's picture, for he watched us from across the street each day while we were there.

And this was beautiful to see, flying from our hotel.

 Our final task was packing. We hit the grocery story to load up. Oh me. Oh my. I didn't factor all the "stuff" in when choosing which suitcase to bring. I bought cereal for my kids (what a treat! We only have about 4 kinds here...12 years...4 kinds...something different is a treat), canned ham, cheeses, special teas, a few gifts. It quickly added up.

And then there was Rudolph. Remember I told you my big find in the Christmas market by the castle?? A reindeer skin. Such a good price. A real reindeer. I really wanted to bring it home.

It was so bad, I almost considered wearing him home. But somehow we made it. I had a purse, a carry on, my suitcase, and Rudolph...but we made it. (CC has since named it Vixen. He says it's a better "vixen" can also mean a mischievous woman. Did I mention that I didn't tell him I bought a reindeer?)


Anonymous said...

Love the reindeer skin! How neat is that?


Anonymous said...

Sara, I reread my post to you about the camera I bought. (I have a sarcastic dry humor which doesn't always come across as joking when in person, let alone in the written word.)

So, not to misunderstand . . . I love the camera I bought. I did not buy it without thought and you had shared quite a bit of the research Ross had done plus other tidbits, so I finished up by comparing different models myself. My remarks did not come across like I meant them to. I bought the camera I wanted, and have had trouble learning to use it strictly because I've been sick and on strong medication.

All I said previously was meant very light-heartedly. It is true I would probably pick your brain were you anywhere around. You seem to have the hang of yours.

Just a little clarification. :-)

Mel again!

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