Monday, December 28, 2015

Prague Blog: Arriving at the Castle

We only had 2 days total in Prague, so we had to narrow our focus. We knew we wanted to see the famous Prague Castle.

The drive to the castle held many beautiful sites. I was just snapping these from my taxi ride!

We arrived at the castle, chilly, but so very thankful for no rain or snow. It was clear, blue, and cold.

What a fun surprise to see a tiny Christmas market just outside the castle. I found my FAVORITE buy there!!! It was the only place I saw it. But that will be a later post.

The castle was breathtaking. I suppose I've never seen anything like this before, other than in pictures.

Guarding it like a boss...

I just couldn't stop taking pictures. Gothic beauty! It was remarkable.

The Christian imagery was staggering. It was everywhere in this country. How is it that 80% of Czechs claim no religion? This saddened me and motivated me to pray that eyes would be open to the pictures around them that tell the story of redemption.

It was hard to get a good gargoyle picture. They were so blackened over time. But finally I got close enough with the right amount of sunlight to get a few. I wanted this lion for Campbell Clansman, as "Aslan" is our school mascot (Turkish for lion).

Some of these guys dripped water on our heads. Spooky.

Look at that sky! No filters in these!

This was my friend L's favorite nativity in the city. She's an artsy gal.

Next up:  inside the castle.

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