Friday, December 4, 2015

Indo Dance

We were invited to an Indonesian dance, sponsored by the Indonesian government. We got to sample some Indonesian food. The satay brought back good memories of Singapore street food. These ladies played a traditional instrument, which we also remembered from when we were neighbors with Indonesia. 

I kept thinking as I watched this dance from the back of the auditorium..."Wow, those gals REALLY look so much like our Indonesian students." I found out later THEY WERE our Indonesian students! 

The gal freaked me out a bit. She did this entire dance with a mask on the back of her head. Then she'd flip around and have a whole new costume with different music. She had several acts. I'm still scratching my head on some of them. 

To show partnership with Turkey, the embassy invited this traditional Turkish dance group to perform. Check out the swords. They meant business. They were very good. CC says he'd still rather wear a Scottish kilt than the saggy pants, though. 

And here is the whole ensemble, along with the Indonesian ambassador. It was a fun night, far different than what we do on most date nights! 

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