Thursday, December 10, 2015

Prague Blog: From Here to There

Well, I am excited I get to blog about Prague! I had planned to entitle this series, "Prague Through My Eyes" but thought this morning my wordsmith husband might enjoy the rhyme, "Prague Blog" more. So, this title is for him. My friend L is turning 40 this month. She asked a small group of friends to join her for a weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. The others were unable to attend, but I was so happy that CC said I could go. I must preface these posts by saying that it is nearly cheaper for me fly here than it would be to take a road trip to Gatlinburg for you. Please don't judge my splurge! Now that I am teaching again, I have a little more freedom to do some fun things. So, the first weekend in December came, and early on a Saturday morning, we were off.

Leaving Istanbul looked quite different than...

flying into the Czech Republic.

It felt so weird to not be buckling a little person next to me.

We flew with the national soccer team from Kazakhstan. The manager was explaining all about their tournament and injuries and where they were headed. I left the conversation smiling and having no idea what he actually said about any of those thing.

A 1 hour flight to Istanbul, then a 2.5 hour flight to Prague brought us to a charming hotel in downtown Prague, built in the early 1900's.

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Anonymous said...

SARA, HOW AWESOME! I'm drooling.

Oh . . . Okay, don't leave us in suspense too long. You remind me of my dad when he used to tell us stories. We got them in parts each day, and I would be dying from the suspense.


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