Friday, December 11, 2015

Prague Blog: First Look

As soon as we got checked into our hotel and freshened up (read here: used the facilities), we headed out for the town. We knew we had very limited time, and we wanted to make the most of Saturday night. (read here: eat ham) We rounded the corner from our hotel to THIS!

I don't believe I've ever actually seen anything Gothic except in a textbook. I had one layover in London and another in Munich, but I don't believe I saw anything Gothic. This took my breath away. The sign said it was a late Gothic town gateway from medieval Prague. It would have been here that the Bohemian kings would have walked on the coronation procession to the Prague Castle. I just kept staring at it, then darting into the street between cars to get more pictures. I took a lot of pictures!

As we walked, we began to see street performers. They weren't pushy in any way. Some folks left donations, some did not. They were all quite talented.

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