Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Turkey Thanksgiving

I should get my Thanksgiving post on here before Christmas arrives! We had such a great Thanksgiving! Here's our den set up for company. (That's a fire dvd!) 

The issue of getting a turkey in Turkey can be stressful. This year I took it upon myself to approach my butcher 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and ask him to order me a turkey. He readily agreed. Then I tacked on 7 more turkeys for friends who requested one, too. The DAY before Thanksgiving he cancelled on me. Sigh. CC took me out in the freezing rain and drove me to the grocery where I bought 3 chickens. Here I am bathing them on Thanksgiving morning! (Where's the turkey in this picture?!) 

It isn't so much that I HAVE to have turkey. It's the time spent setting up the order, the planning ahead...just to be disappointed. But as it turns out, my guests loved chickens just as much.

We had 23 guests from all over. All of them had some sort of tie to America and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was very international and wonderful. 

The teens nearly wiped us out! (Notice the table...Thanksgiving is by far the hardest meal to recreate in Turkey, but every year the Lord helps us pull it together between stuff folks have brought back in luggage to a friend snagging me a gift of some cranberries at the US base!) 

Especially these two! (One, ahem, no names...went back 5 times.) 

The little ones enjoyed playing some computer games after lunch.

And the big ones enjoyed talking and coffee with pie. 

Here's our 2013 Thanksgiving bunch! 

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Elizabeth said...

Oh Sarah, I feel your pain!! We have had so many disappointments with trying to get a turkey for Thanksgiving.

You wouldn't think it would be so difficult! We were driving down the highway the other day and saw a flock of them right in the middle of the four lanes!! There are lots of them here!

Geçmiş olsun! I'm glad that yall had a great time despite the turkey trauma!

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