Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Goodbye

We had a particularly hard goodbye this week. My sweet Chinese student N moved to Canada, where her father has gotten a job. She was one of Sweet Cheeks' best friends. While at our school, she decided to become a Christian. Last week was her last week here, so we invited her to spend the weekend night with us so she could see what church is like. She was so excited to go.When I invited her to spend the night, her mom asked if it might be too much for me. I laughed and said, "What's one more?!" She then admitted that she was so happy N could be with a large family to see what it was like. She is, of course, from China, when there was the one child limit. She is a gift from God, and I got the chance to talk to her parents about that. She cried as she hugged me goodbye, and I did too. I knew it would be hard. 

This was one of her last days with us at Oasis.
 I hope that we will see her again and am so thankful for the work God did in her heart while she was here.

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Tara G. said...

Sarah, you live with an alert heart and mind and I'm so encouraged that you redeem your time wisely! Rejoicing with you and sad at the same time!

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