Friday, December 20, 2013

Staff Party 2013

We are so blessed to get to host the staff Christmas party each year. We've found a nice routine and basically do the same thing every year....potluck of appetizers and desserts. I make a double batch of hot wassail. We bring a secret gift and fight to the end to get the gift we want. I thought this year was especially fun. Lots of laughter and camaraderie among our team this year.

This is my kitchen. Friends. Food.

We had a special guest. B's mom is here for the holiday. I sat by her. Awww.
I'll admit it. I'm a little saucy. I wrapped my gift in a Victoria's Secret bag...just to see who would be curious enough to get it.
CC wrapped up a dart board. I knew what it was, so I chose it. (I wanted one for the terrace teen hang-out.) Then someone stole it from me. Then I got coffee. Then someone stole that from me. Then I stole the dart board back. Then CC opened his gift...another dart board!! Ha!

D took our picture. She knows the outtakes are the funniest, so she snapped several. Check out N and me in the center. We knew we were being snapped.
Here's our amazing staff! I love them and wish them all a Merry Christmas!

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