Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kizer Visit: Shopping in Ulus

We are so so so very excited to have company this year for Christmas! CC's sister, husband, and 3 kids flew in on Sunday to spend the holiday with us. After some tomato soup and fellowship, we all bedded down, slept, and then got ready for our first adventure on day one.

Firstborn and Twinkle Toes braved the bus and took public transportation down to Ulus. The rest of us piled in the van. It was very, very cold. We stopped in one little shop to browse and warm up! Big Ben wasted no time getting up right next to the heater.

We took some beautiful pictures on top of the Ulus castle.
 We stopped in another shop and the kids found these....

And this...oh my.
Next Stop: rug shops!

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