Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chicken (Pox) Run

Sweet Cheeks showed me a bug bite on her leg before school, and I thought, "Strange. What bug could possibly bite her this time of year?" and then I went about my merry way getting 5 kids out the door, as I was teaching morning Pre-K that day, complete with my son who thinks all of the school day should be about playing with the car bin in the classroom.

After her half-day, piano lesson, and lunch, she said, "Look! A BUNCH of bugs bit me." I didn't even have to look. I knew even before seeing that she would go down in history as one of those valiant few who braved the chicken pox vaccination, but still got the pox!

If you could only have seen the joyous look on her face. And then the multitude of questions. Do I get to take medicine? Why do I take a bath in oatmeal? Do I get to eat the oatmeal in the bath? Will you count them again? Do pajamas give you chicken pox? Oh, she was proud. Very, very proud. No one at our house has ever had chicken pox, only the shot. As we were packing up our contagious little posse to go home, she kept thinking of more people who might want to know she had chicken pox. Have we shown the secretary? Have we shown Miss M (principal)? Have we shown Miss "Newcumber" (Newcomer), the librarian?

In the photo, we are on our walk home, trudging through the ice with anxious anticipation of a day at home to play and watch movies. Hurray for Chicken Pox! (and hurray for my first cousins who gave it to me when I was little...I appreciate you more than you can know right now!)


Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether to hurray or not, but am giggling none the less.

Hurrah for Eva!! I had two that had it in spite of vaccinations and then, drum roll, when Maverick was "too old" he got them and they left scars. I would rather they have them young and get them over with, if I had a choice. Isn't first grade about the age?

When they are older they seem scarier to me. Yes, like you I had them also - first grade as a matter of fact. Was so glad I did also!

Being a parent is a definite experience to end all other experiences don't you think? I remember Kathleen's viral infections where I had to cool her off in a bathtub of water (per the doctor), her gums swelled over her teeth and so on. All my kids saw the emergency room of a hospital when they were little, for one reason or another. Some of them multiple times. Karoline bit through her tongue . . . Did you know they don't give stitches in the tongue? LOL

I am sure you can relate to every word, though your experiences might be different. Anybody with kids can. We should all write a book someday! :)

Love you all and hope little Eva is well soon!


Anonymous said...

After looking at your blog pictures again, I was thinking of what wonderful memories your kids are growing up with. How cool is it to grow up walking to school in the snow and taking special trips to the Haman (Is that right?) -- REAL Turkish baths, no less! Ahh. Going to marketplaces where people love seeing children come and enjoy spoiling them, as opposed to merchants here who hate seeing children come in their stores?

So many good memories and I am sure I don't even know the half. My personal favorite is still the Saturday morning breakfast trips. You can tell what I like to do! I think it would be so great to wake up after a long week of busy and walk (don't even have to get in a car) to a restaurant, have someone serve your food and do the dishes too! I can't think of much better than that!!

Of course, I am not even touching the side trips to climb on old ruins, walk where Paul walked and bask in the Meditteranean ocean. Gee whiz! Such a terrible life for a kid!! Ha! Singapore couldn't even beat that. I think God's plan for your family was perfect, don't you?

Why is it, or is it just me, that it takes time for us to see God's plan as it slowly unfolds for us? I see similar things here for myself. I used to hate my little neighborhood and wonder why God chose it for us but that has changed. I am also watching God's plan unfold and seeing the good things come from where He chose for us to live.

My mother always told me: "God never does anything for the short term. When we pray, He is looking way down the road for us and the answer always has long term effects. God never does anything just for the moment."

Ever noticed that? I believe she is right, don't you?


Angie said...

Well at least she is happy about it I suppose. I remember having the pox when I was little and oh were they miserable!

Tara G. said...

Sara- she is such a cutie, I can hardly stand it! I don't have your e-mail; I have a coupon code for 5 free cards and you can have them stamp and mail them for you. Shoot me a note if you'd like it! mrsyellowhat at yahoo dot com

Megan said...

I got the chicken pox in 1992 at age 10 while living in Turkey. Before the chicken pox vaccine came around. I remember being excited because I came down with symptoms exactly 2 weeks after my little sister. Feverish, achey and then the spots popped up. After that I was miserable! Oatmeal baths helped but I remember them being much more painful than itchy. I had them everywhere- a pretty severe case and still have a few scars even. I hope she has a mild case and gets better quickly! Praying for your little Sweet Cheeks! May she take lots of Oatmeal baths :)

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