Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ideas for Change/Looking for Feedback

I didn't really make "New Year's Resolutions" on January 1. In fact, it was when I finished doing all the laundry from our trip, restocking the house with groceries, and getting the kids back into the swing of going to school that I began to think about anything that needed to be changed, perhaps about January 10. I decided as so many of us do, to take better care of me. This is 40 years after 1972, I'm hitting the big one soon. So, one of my resolves was to take better care of myself.  A dermatology check up, maybe an eye exam...just to be sure all is ok. I also want to exercise more (and with a friend if possible), eat healthier, read through my Bible in a year. (I started that one in late November to give myself cushion.) I want to be more kind/patient/fun with my husband and children. I want to remember to send birthday cards to my nieces and nephews. Oh, and there's painting the house, finishing my college course and becoming re-certified in the state of Tennessee. There's getting all the school curriculum ordering in better order to pass that baton off before I start teaching in August. So many things. I've started to make these thing happen, just little baby steps. I called the dermatologist to make an appointment. I've exercised quite a bit (ohhh, I'm sore). I've mailed the January cards. I just got my grade back from my college course, A plus! So now I'd love your advice on one change I want to make (which is small). I have read that potato chips are about the most unhealthy thing one can eat (why they are so good). In my kids' lunches every day, I pack a main dish (a sandwich or a wrap or sometimes something we ate the night before for dinner), a fruit, a sweet, and a salty. Most days I send them potato chips for the salty, mainly because it's easiest and our options here are limited. I'd like to change that. I'm not sure I'll ever bring myself (or have the time, or I should say make the time) to bake homemade veggie chips. Maybe I'd be willing to try if you told me how. So, what suggestions do you have for something to replace them? Something salty or savory, not sweet. I could certainly send pretzels a couple of times a week. Trail mix? Any ideas? What changes are you hoping to make this year?


Anonymous said...

Nuts? Sure someone will think of that. Not sure if you let your youngest ones eat nuts. Sunflower seeds - available? Other dried seeds - are they salty?

Just off the top of my head. Other chips besides potato? Baked chips, for example.

Another thought from an old fashioned mother with very healthy children who are older and have never been fat . . . (I have blood tests to verify this - ha) Do the five whole potato chips they get in a package hurt them THAT much? Children do need fats in their diet. I mean salt is not good for you either if the experts want to split hairs. (You can tell what side of the fence I am on in these kinds of things . . . The common sense side.)

Food for thought, (and I am not touting potato chips if you don't want to give them to your children), but the more physical activity they have, the more they need some fat. Not saying they need a ton, but do need some. My pediatrician told me that. Told me when my kids were young not to dare take them off whole milk. Said growing children needed that fat.

Well, since I can testify to very healthy young adult children who again, have never been fat, I tend to believe him. I had very active children like you do.

I'm being booed off the planet as other mothers read this . . . I know. :)

Lastly a Biblical principle: Do all things in moderation.

That's this old mom's two cents worth!! :)


P. S. Sara, since you don't have anything much to do, I would definitely add an extra chore like making vegetable chips. LOL

Anonymous said...

My new year's resolutions were not changes as much as goals and the biggest one is helping my boys cross the finish line that is high school and get to college. Getting the boys ready to be on their own, helping Kathleen and Karoline in the ways they need help and spending as much time as possible with David are other renewed objects.

I also want Dave and I to be healthier. We are feeling the need to take better care of ourselves.

Thanks for letting me comment so much.


Sara Campbell said...

Good thoughts, as always, Mel. I agree, there has to be moderation. They do love chips, so I thought about sending them on Fridays or Tuesdays and Fridays or something. They all get a LOT of exercise. You know our neighborhood and how it is safe for them to be out and about. They play at the park until dark most afternoons. Also, ME practices basketball 3 times a week. She simply can not wait til dinner even 30 minutes without something to eat after playing that hard. Baked chips can't be found here, but my friend suggested just going with Ruffles which are potatoes, oil, salt...nothing extra. Thought that was a good idea. They love trail mix...I sent them one with marshmallows (imported from home!!!), chocolate chips, peanuts, dried cranberries (just started selling those here, love them!) and pretzels. They loved it. I appreciate your comments so much! They always encourage me from a mom just a step ahead.

Anonymous said...

Sara, you're always so sweet. I feel more like a mom who talks too much rather than a step ahead. If you only knew how "old" I feel at times.

Well, I learned from the gospel songwriter Ira Stanphill that it is always good to blend some of the "old" with some of the "new" ideas. Never want to totally throw out either. I have heard a lot of good things from moms with young children and thought what genuis ideas, wish I had known that when my kids were little.

I am sitting here now listening to Dr. Stanphill's music . . . "Many things about tomorrow I don't seem to understand but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand!!"

Amen! I could probably have a little bit of church here by myself. Ha. My heart is so broken for David's family. It is so sad Sara. He was only 33 years old and died in sin. His life is over and no hope for him now.

"I've got a mansion just over the hilltop in that bright land where we'll never grow old. Some day yonder we will never more wander. I'll walk on streets that are purest gold."

I'd better hush before I preach you a sermon again. Thank you for being so kind and overlooking my rambling. Wouldn't we have some good conversations in person?

I will tell you something about getting older (that you probably already know) since I am down the road just a speck in front of you . . . Heaven gets more precious the older you get, if you can believe that. It has amazed me at how I see in myself what I used to see in the older members of church. I am just beginning to understand how they felt.

Love you Sara. You're such a blessing to me. I know you never comment on your blog like this. God must have known I needed a blessing and the breath of fresh air you always are to me. I am waiting to get David ready to go the funeral in Nashville.


Tara G. said...

Hey friend- I was thinking popcorn and pretzels. Sometimes I throw a few M&Ms or something in with the popcorn as an afternoon snack. I googled salty snacks and this one came up-

Could you make some type of chip out of lavash?

Tara G. said...

Yep- you can make lavash chips! Here is one recipe that looks fairly simple!

Jennifer said...

Hummus and chips, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa are all things that I pack for Evie.

Heather said...

FYI I tried to make my own beet chips using a dehydrator. I sliced thinly on the mandolin and then put in the dehydrator machine. NOT a good result because they shrank so much. But we ate them still.
For our lunches I try to pack some raw veggies which the twins love, pretzels, nuts. I rarely send chips because I rarely buy them.

Anonymous said...

olives, jerky, pumpkin seeds, almonds

Claire said...

How about crackers for salty?

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